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webercol max

formerly Carrocolle Max

webercol max
webercol max

Product benefits

  • Extra white
  • High bonding strength
  • Flexible and non-slip
  • Extended open time

Premium quality latex modified extra white cementitious tile adhesive

webercol max is a ready mix cement-based polymer modified adhesive for fixing all types of ceramic tiles, including fully vitrified/porcelain tiles to rigid interior and exterior floors and walls. webercol max has very strong bond strength unto tiles with very low porosity. It is suitable to fix tiles onto low porosity substrates such as power floated concrete or existing tiles. webercol max has a super white color and doesn'€™t cause staining or discoloration of light colored tiles. It is suitable for use in wet and dry conditions. Exceeds the requirements of EN 12004

Product Features

Scope of use

webercol max is used for fixing a wide range of tiles on the following substrates:

  • Concrete
  • Aerated concrete blocks
  • Stone walls (cleaned and prepared)
  • Glazed tiles (internal use)
  • Cementitious plaster and renders
  • Gypsum boards
    Over difficult substrates such as gypsum, wood..., primer is required, consult company for advice.
    webercol max can be used for tiling in:
    • Swimming pools
    • Bathrooms
    • Stairs
    • Heated floors
    • Facades
    • Rooms
    • Parking


Appearance Powder
Composition Cement, selected silica sand and additives
Color White
Density 1.55 kg/lit. ± 0.05
Open Time 30 min. at 20°C
Pot Life 2 hrs at 20°C
Shelf Life 12 months
Mixing Ratio 3.5 to 3.75 lit. per 15 kg or 4.6 to 5L. per 20kg
Consumption 3 to 7 kg/m²
Service Temperature -20°C to +70°C

Test for en 12004:2007

Open Time by Tensile
Adhesion acc. EN 1346:2007 (N/mm²)
5 minutes 1.3
20 minutes 1.07
30 minutes 0.6
Tensile Adhesion
Strength acc. EN 1348:2007 (N/mm²)
Con A 1.4
Con B 1.2
Con C 1.2
* Con A - 28 days standards conditions
* Con B - 7 days standard condition + 21 days water immersion
* Con C - 14 days standard condition + 14 days at 70˚C
Strength values are obtained under laboratory conditions at 20oC

Applicable standards

EN 12004 (EN 1346, EN 1348).




Printable TDS (PDF)

Printable MSDS (PDF)

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Instructions for use

Surface preparation

Surface must be clean and free from greasy matters or dust. Substrate should have been sufficiently cured in a way that any shrinkage has already occurred.Make good any unsound areas and remove flaky or peeling layers before tiling. Moisten slightly the substrate if it is dry at the time of application, never moisten the tiles.

Product preparation

Mix webercol max in the proportion of 3.5 to 3.75 liters of clean cool water per 15kg bag or 4.6 to 5L. per 20kg bag. An electric mixer with low rotation speed (< 300 rpm) can be used. Mix until a uniform lump free paste is obtained. Let the paste rest for a few minutes before starting the application.

Product application

Apply the adhesive onto the substrate covering up to 1 m2 at a time (or no more than can be tiled within 30 minutes at 20°C). Use a suitable notched trowel to achieve a uniform thickness. Apply the tiles on the substrate and press them firmly, while making sure that the paste does not slip from the tile sides. Large or studded backed tiles may need to have adhesive buttered onto the tile back as well. Leave appropriate clearance joints for grouting and make any adjustments within 10 minutes.


Carefully clean off any excess adhesive from the tiles and joints with a damp cloth or sponge, before it sets.
Clean the tools with water after use. Cured materials can only be removed mechanically.


Apply webercol max on the substrate by areas of around 1 m² each, which can be tiled within a maximum of 30 minutes from application time at 20°C. After that time, an outer skin may form thus preventing the tile from adhering properly to weber.col max. Adjustments to the tiles should only be made during webercol max open time.
It is recommended to leave a minimum width of 2 mm around the tiles.
Grouting the tile joints should only be done at least
24 hours after tiling, using weberjoint perfect or weberjoint deco.

Environmental and Safety

Safety precautions

The product contains cement powders which, when mixed with water, release alkalis that could be harmful to the skin. It is preferable that the application be done in a ventilated area, and to wear protective gear for hands, eyes and respiratory system and to avoid breathing of the dust. Splashes on the skin should be washed away by cleaning with soap and water. In case of contact with eyes, wash thoroughly with clean water. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting, in both cases seek medical attention. The product is non-flammable


While the company guarantees its products against defective materials, the use and application of these products are made without guarantee since the conditions of their application are beyond its control. It is recommended to verify with the company that the product is suitable for the intended use, and that this Data Sheet version is the latest one. The company may modify it without prior notice. Technical characteristics are listed for guidance only. For more information, please contact the company’s office in your location.


The information included on this Technical Data Sheet is the sole property of SODAMCO Holding. The unauthorized disclosure, use, dissemination or copying (either whole or partial) of this data sheet or any information it contains, is prohibited and subject to legal pursuit.

Available packaging

Lebanon20 kg
Syria20 kg
Jordan20 kg
KSA   - 
UAE15 kg
Qatar   -
Kuwait   -
Oman15 kg