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webercol F1

formerly Carrocolle F1

webercol F1
webercol F1

Product benefits

  • Fast setting
  • Extra white (or grey version)
  • Low Dust technology
  • Perfect for marble and stones fixing
  • High bonding

Fast-setting high performance tile adhesive with low dust technology

webercol F1 is a monocomponent polymer modified fast-setting high performance ready-mix tile adhesive. It is water-resistant and specially formulated for interior and exterior wall and floor applications. Fast setting: ideal for areas that need to be accessed / grouted in few hours (shops, hospitals, commercial and domestics situations). The addition of the new Low Dust feature allows a dust reduction by 90% during pouring and mixing of the product!
The Low Dust effect will lead to:
€- Cleaner working sites
€- Easier and quicker renovation

Product Features

Scope of use

The fast-setting aspect of webercol F1 makes it particularly suitable in the following situations:

  • Temperatures are low and adhesive needs to set faster than usual
  • The tiled area needs to be accessed/grouted in few hours, such as hospitals, malls, public buildings
  • Large thin tiles have to be laid and there is a risk that the corners of the tile go up in arrow shape if the tile adhesive does not set rapidly.
    webercol F1 is suitable for the rapid set laying of all ceramic, mosaic, stone, brick, clay and non-porous tiles.


Color white
Mixing water % 20% (3L / 15Kg)
Fresh density 1.56
Open time 20 min @ 22ºC
Setting time 2 hrs @ 22ºC
Pot life 27 min @ 22ºC
Slip resistance 0 mm/15 min (non sag)
High initial tensile adhesion strength (Mpa) -EN 1348:2007 28 days 2.3
Early tensile adhesion strength after not more than 6 hours (Mpa) - EN 1348:2007 6hrs 0.7
Open time: tensile adhesion strength after not less than 10 min (Mpa ) - EN 1346 6hrs 0.7 ; 28 days 2.05
Open time: tensile adhesion strength after not less than 20 min (Mpa) - EN 1346 6 hrs 0.6 ; 28 days 2.1
High initial tensile adhesion strength after water immersion (Mpa) - EN 1348:2007 28 days 1.7
High initial tensile adhesion strength after heat ageing (Mpa)- EN 1348:2007 28 days 1.7
Deformable adhesive: Transverse deformation (mm) BS EN 12004 3.62

Applicable standards

EN 12004:2007


3 to 7 kg/m2


webercol F1 can be stored for 6 months in dry conditions, away from extreme temperatures




Printable TDS (PDF)

Printable MSDS (PDF)

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Instructions for use

Surface preparation

Substrate must be sound and free from dust, grease, oil, cement laitance or any other foreign materials. Over difficult substrates such as gypsum, wood, etc..., prime substrate with Colle primer.

Product preparation

Mix one bag of 15 kg webercol F1 with 3 liters of water by pouring the powder in the water progressively while stirring. An electric mixer with low rotation speed (<300rpm) should be used. Mix until a uniform lump-free paste is obtained.

Product application

Apply webercol F1 evenly on the substrate. Use a notched trowel to have the required thickness. Apply the tiles on the substrate and press them firmly, while making sure that the paste does not slip from the tile sides. webercol F1can also be applied on the back of tiles to ensure full adhesion on the entire surface.


Clean the tools with water after use. Cured materials can only be removed mechanically


Apply webercol F1on the substrate by areas which can be tiled within a maximum of 15 minutes from application at 20°C. After that time, an outer skin may form thus preventing the tile from adhering properly to webercol F1 (Carrocolle F1). Adjustments to the tiles should only be made during webercol F1's open time.
It is recommended to leave a minimum width of 2 mm around the tiles.
Grouting the tile joints should only be done 3 to 8 hours (depending on site conditions) after tiling, using weberjoint perfect, weberjoint deco
It is recommended to determine the suitability of all materials before proceeding with the installation

Environmental and Safety

Safety precautions

The product contains cements powders which, when mixed with water, release alkalis that could be harmful to the skin. It is preferable that the application be done in a ventilated area, and to wear protective gear for hands, eyes and respiratory system and to avoid breathing of the dust. Splashes on the skin should be washed away by cleaning thoroughly with soap and water. In case of contact with eyes, wash thoroug with clean water and seek medical attention. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting and seek medical attention. The product is non-flammable


While the company guarantees its products against defective materials, the use and application of these products are made without guarantee since the conditions of their application are beyond its control. It is recommended to verify with the company that the product is suitable for the intended use, and that this Data Sheet version is the latest one. The company may modify it without prior notice. Technical characteristics are listed for guidance only. For more information, please contact the company’s office in your location.


The information included on this Technical Data Sheet is the sole property of SODAMCO Holding. The unauthorized disclosure, use, dissemination or copying (either whole or partial) of this data sheet or any information it contains, is prohibited and subject to legal pursuit.

Available packaging

UAE15 kg
Qatar15 kg
Kuwait15 kg
Oman15 kg