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Consumption Calculator

The Consumption Calculator tool is easy to use and is essential in costing projects and avoids over or under ordering which can cause expensive delays on site.

This valuable facility calculates the bag quantity, the number of pallets and total weight by simply entering the total surface area by square meter.

Where do I find the calculator?

The Consumption Calculator facility can be found for those products applicable on the individual product page as illustrated below. Click on the icon to make your calculation.

This calculator is provided to help you to make an approximate calculation of the amount of product you will need for your project. Please check the exact quantity before buying with the professional advice of Sodamco-Weber or the distributor / merchant. Where results are per kg/m²/mm it will be necessary to multiply the result by the thickness to be applied. These results do not take into account wastage. The calculations are accurate to the best of our knowledge, but we take no responsibility for any errors which may occur.