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Sodamco-Weber unveils 5 new solutions at the BIG 5 show in Dubai

2 12 2014

Visitors at the Big 5 in Dubai discovered the Innovative Building Solutions of Saint-Gobain of which 5 of them for Sodamco-Weber.

Sodamco-Weber grabbed the opportunity during its participation at Saint-Gobain Big 5 stand in Dubai from November 17 till 20, to launch its latest innovative solutions and show various applied samples throughout the innovative trail that drove visitors to experience a unique construction path.

As part of its commitments towards innovative sustainable habitat, Sodamco-Weber major launching was the weber.therm wall, an external insulation system based on its soon patented super insulating mortar, weber.therm aislone. This Super Insulating Mortar is the next generation of thermal insulation, with various benefits; fire resistance, high durability, weatherproof, absence of hollow sound and good sound insulation. Sodamco-Weber is very proud to be the pioneer in launching this technology in the Middle-East and Gulf.

The booth was made of different stations going from infrastructure to finishing, highlighting 3 of Sodamco-Weber product lines:

Tile Fixing range: a new waterproofing under tiling system, weber.sys protec, made of 2 products, weber.dry gum, an acrylic, seamless, odorless and impervious waterproofing membrane completed with weber band, a reinforcement strip for corners and patched areas. This weber.sys protec system, is suitable for wet areas and especially on gypsum board substrates.

The Flooring Solutions emphasized on its solvent free epoxy system for car parks with a weber.floor epobat a surface finish specially formulated with improved resistance to abrasion.

The Technical & Repair Mortars line focused mainly on its “new range segmentation by specialty” as being weber.rep for repairing and smoothing, weber.tec for grouting and bedding and weber.anc for anchoring and fixing. Two new products were released in this line: weber.rep PC used to achieve superior fair face smoothness required in the precast concrete industry and weber.anc 435 TG, a tropical grade version polyester resin used to anchor rods and bars for medium and heavy-duty load applications.

Sodamco-Weber proved once more to be the innovative company in the construction sector and strives to meet its customer requirements at all level.