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June 19, 2014 Sodamco-Weber Qatar Tile.Pro club

17 07 2014

Sodamco-Weber welcomes professional tilers, architects and engineers at Tile.Pro club in Qatar

Sodamco-Weber Club returned to Qatar for the second year. Applicators, Contractors and Consultants were invited to attend a 3 hour workshop that targeted innovative tile fixing and grouting solutions introduced by Sodamco-Weber to the Qatari market:

-weber.joint perfect, a new high performance tile grout, anti-fungus (exclusive MOULD STOP©technology), highly resistant to stains, water-repellent with exclusive HYDRO REPELL©technology, made to fill joint up to 20mm width between tiles.

-Low Dust technology, which allows a reduction by 90% of dust emissions during the pouring and mixing of the tile adhesive (technology available on weber.col plus and weber.col F1 in Qatar)

-weber.col F1, an extra white fast setting tile adhesive, ideal to fix natural stones without staining and to fix ultra-thin tiles.

-weber.joint glitter, a decorative tile grout with metallic effect.

This workshop consisted of an informative part that presented Sodamco-Weber, its scope of work and its tile fixing product range. It was followed by an application module where new technologies and enhanced features of our products were demonstrated. the workshop ended with cutting a Sodamco-Weber cake and all guests were invited to a closing dinner.