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April 28, 2016- Sodamco-Weber team in Bangkok at the World Class Manufacturing session

10 05 2016

LRM process is now deployed in all Sodamco-Weber plants

Sodamco-Weber team represented by Wissam Kaddoum (UAE),  Ahmad El Amoudi (Qatar), George Douaihy (KSA), Reine Bou Ncoula (Lebanon), Joelle Abboud (Lebanon) flew to Bangkok to attend the 3 days World Class Manufacturing  session organized by Saint-Gobain Weber International. They each had to present publicly the deployment of the LRM process in their respective plants (The Loss Reduction Model- a shared vision of all potentials that helps to boost and deliver an agreed Master Plan with activities to achieve the objectives). 

This project started in September 2015, it covered 4 models (Material efficiency, industrial efficiency, maintenance efficiency and distribution efficiency) which had to be implemented within 200 days. After successfully presenting their projects in Bangkok, they were each granted the yellow belt certification in fulfilling the requirement established by Saint-Gobain for professional attainment in WCM Champion.

We wish our team a successful journey.