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Sustainable solutions



Together we reduce CO2 emissions

     1. Local factories for less transportation   

     2. Use of green binders for a lower mortar production carbon footprint

     3. PCP based admixtures for concrete production CO2 emission savings

     1. Strong with concrete repair, grouting and anchoring products

     2. Protected with masonry and concrete protection and waterproofing products

     3. Maintenance free with long lasting quality products 

Together we save Water & Energy

    1. PCP admixtures for water saving in concrete production

    2. Self curing additives for mortars

    3. External Thermal Insulation Composite System

    1. Production of recycable mortars and admixtures

    2. Use of recycable and recycled material derived packaging

    3. Production of solvent free and low formaldehyde products

Together we bring Comfort

    1. Low Dust & Low VOC products for a cleaner and safer use

    2. Light weight and robust packaging with adapted sizes

    3. One component products for an easier use

    1. Continuous recycling in plants

    2. Adapted packaging sizes for optimized consumption

    3. Extensive products shelf life