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webertherm mesh

webertherm mesh
webertherm mesh

Product benefits

  • High mechanical strenght
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Compatible with all major façade systems

Glass fiber mesh alkali resistant

Glass fiber mesh fabrics combined with specially designed mesh surface treatments can be used in a wide range of applications.
webertherm mesh is mainly used as one component of external thermal insulation systems €œETICS €. A high quality synthetic coating on the glass yarn protects our mesh against alkaline influences from the adhesives and other materials that are used.

Product Features


  • High mechanical strength
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Compatible with all major facade systems



Standard Width (1)
Roll Length (1)
Treated Fabric Thickness
Loom state Fabric Weight
Treated Fabric Weight
Combustible Matter Content (LOI)
Treatment type
Square Dimension
Warp 21 x 2 per 100 mm
Weft 17,5 per 100 mm
half leno
100 or 110 cm / individual value
50 m / individual value
0,50 mm / informative value
117 g/m² / informative value
145 g/m² individual value, minimum
20% of mass / individual value
alkaliresistant without emollient, obstructing yarn drifting
Warp 4,0 mm / informative value
left 4,5 mm / informative value

Tensile strength (ts) and elongation

Deposition method
Standard condition
5 % NaOH Solution
Fast Test (6 hours)
Fast Test (24 hours)
3 ions solution (ETAG 004)
Nominal value Individual value
2100 / 2000 1900 / 1800
1350 / 1300 1000 / 900
1600 / 1500 1100 / 1000
50 % / 50 %
1000 / 1000
50 % / 50 %
Average value
3,8 / 3,8
3,5 / 3,5
3,5 / 3,5

Applicable Standards

webertherm mesh complies wih standard ASTM E 2486


  • Setting: ± 5% in warp and weft
  • Width: ± 1 %
  • Length: 0 % + 2%
  • LOI: ± 4 %


Packed rolls are to be stored in dry rooms. Storing temperature is from -10°C to + 50°C.


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Environmental and Safety

Quality assurance

The way of quality inspection, taking of the samples and taking over of the material, is according to 0326 works standard


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