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Monocouche Renders

Monocouche Renders (3)

Single layer mineral decorative rendering mortar for facades

Decorative Mineral Renders

Decorative Mineral Renders (7)

Decorative mineral weatherproof renders for internal and external use , available in wide choice of colors

Polymeric Decorative Renders

Polymeric Decorative Renders (12)

Polymeric acrylic decorative renders with different textures and wide choice of colors

ETICS Adhesives & Embedding Mortars

ETICS Adhesives & Embedding Mortars (6)

External Thermal Insulation Composite System with Adhesives Anchoring and Embedding mortars

Façade Paint

Façade Paint (1)

Anticarbonation protective coating for exposed concrete with resistance to chloride penetration and good permeability to water vapor diffusion.