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How to insulate single-skin construction




Thick materials required

Single-skin solid wall construction, requires very thick materials to provide a good thermal performance. It takes space and the construction becomes heavy.




Poor resistance to weather

Even with thick masonry blocks in single skin construction, the need for a protective and decorative cladding is there to achieve proper resistance to weather.



Poor sealing

Without careful detailing at openings, water can track around windows and door frames etc. bypassing seals at openings.

Good quality and reliable seals are paramount. Simple gun-applied sealants used with cavity construction are often poorly applied. If they fail for whatever reason with singleskin construction, the construction is immediately exposed.




Use weber.therm OM External Insulation System

Solution with the following weber products


webertherm glue

Adhesive of increased adhesion for fixing foamed polystyrene board for etics

webertherm base

Cement based polymer modified base coat render for ETICS


weberpas PR 300

Acrylic water based primer

weberpas deco GM

Acrylic textured coating - coarse finish


weberpas PR SIL

A ready-to-use primer for the equalization and neutralization of the substrate

weberpas deco SIL

A ready-to-use high performance organo mineral based wet render