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How to apply a coating over existing paint




Dusty old paint

With aging, the paint become dusty and not resistant.




Discoloration during time

Under UV exposure pigments will be distroyed and will damage the aesthetical aspect of the facade.

Paints peeling, humidity, freezing, sun, wind

Severe weather may damage the polymeric structure of the paint and lead to peeling and debonding.


Apply polymeric decorative renders (paste)

·         In case of old dusty paint, remove as much as possible with high water pressure, 120 bar.

·         If not well bonded then remove completely the paint with a special paint remover or by\burning and then apply primers and finishes with weber.pas product range.


·         If only discoloration but resistant paint, apply the primers and finishes with weber.pas product range.



Solution with the following weber products


weberpas PR 300

Acrylic water based primer

weberpas deco 330

Plastic decorative coating - roll finish

weberpas deco GM

Acrylic textured coating - coarse finish


weberpas deco 340

Highly elastic facade coating


weberpas PR SIL

A ready-to-use primer for the equalization and neutralization of the substrate

weberpas deco SIL

A ready-to-use high performance organo mineral based wet render